Why you should Travel?

Why you should Travel?
Many people ask. Why do you travel? What did you get from traveling? It’s just a waste of money. But no it’s not wasting money. Travel means investing money on your own. Give time to get to know yourself. In this article, I’ll give you the top 10 reasons to travel. Of course, we all have different life so our reasons will be different but here I’m sharing my own travel experiences which will clear your doubt about why should you travel & inspire you to travel the world.

1. You Learn about yourself

The more you travel more you come to know about your skills & interest such as photography. Before I started travelling my life was very compact like doing the same stuff daily because of this I never gave time to my hobbies & passions. Life without travelling is like living in a cage. You’re just kept alive. So, travel to learn about yourself better.

2. Live in the moment

While travelling you live in present, you enjoy each & every moment, you don’t get depressed by thinking about your past or get anxious by thinking about the future. You live the moment & that’s what matters the most.

3. Heal yourself

Travelling de-stresses you. It is a tool to take a break from the daily behaviour pattern when we feel like too many days look the same. It helps you to move on from failure, break up etc. In this way, travelling heals you.

4. Best form of Education

Above I’ve discussed learning about yourself there is a lot more you can learn while travelling. You get quicker & smarter while making decisions. You acquire skills & knowledge along the way. By travelling to different destinations you learn about its History, Geography which others only study in school.

5. Independent

We all must have one goal in our lives to be independent means if it comes to it your own set of tools is enough to keep you going. By travelling you move out of your comfort zone which can teach you the real meaning of being independent. Especially the younger generation is very dependent on their parents. Actually, their parents are overprotective & don’t allow children to face the ups & downs of life until it’s too late. Travelling makes you more independent.

6. Problem Solving

From travelling, you get to know about your strengths & weaknesses. So you become more confident in your daily life. You learn how to get out of a difficult situation. You can develop endless possibilities. In this way, your problem-solving skills get enhanced.

7. You make new friends

In this world, the best way to grow yourself is by making new friends & expanding your network. So, talk to the world, listen to their stories, and learn from them. You will come to know about different opinions & perspectives of different regions.

8. Creating memories

Good memories are like one type of health which gains more value as time goes by. You ask people how their last vacation was & watch how their eyes light up. More memories mean more stories to tell when you get old because you have seen places, lived & interacted with people.

9. You get more Social

Travelling helps you in getting more interactive with people because you talk to people you don’t know. If you are an introverted personality then you have faced issues while dealing with people but travelling can help you in that.

10. Experiencing Food & Culture

Every region has its different food & culture & exploring them is like one of the adventures for us. This also tells you about the different values of those people. It’s one of my favourite reason to travel. If these top 10 reasons to travel inspired you to go out & Explore but after this COVID-19 Pandemic then share this article with your friends & let me know in the comments which reason inspired you the most.  
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