Why We Need To Travel

Why We Need To Travel
The famous American writer Mark Twain says: “Travel eliminates all prejudice, vanity, fanaticism and narrow horizons!” This is what many studies have already begun to prove! Where psychologists and neurologists began in recent years to study the benefits of actual travel and to test the impact of travel on individuals. And came out with a set of conclusions and benefits, including:

The benefits of physical travel

Strengthens immunity

Recent studies suggest that exposure to dirt and dirt may strengthen your immunity, but we do not mean, of course, that you do not take care of your personal hygiene while travelling, if you still have to wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser constantly, For new strains of bacteria adapt to them and resist them to become your stronger immunity.

Improves brain health

Exposure to new cultures makes you more creative and increases the ability of your brain to analyze things. Creativity is connected to the way nerve endings are connected to the brain, and this communication network changes depending on the environment, habits, and lifestyle of the individual. Anything new can play a role in changing This network will make a positive change. Some studies have suggested that travel and study abroad open the person’s horizons and make him more emotionally stable.

Travel reduces the chances of heart disease

This is due to the fact that one of the main benefits of travel is to reduce stress, travel ability to raise the fitness of the individual while reducing the tension together to make the heart and arteries healthier than before! Travel for therapeutic tourism: Many travellers annually mean many well-known therapeutic destinations for therapeutic purposes, such as visiting hot springs to strengthen muscles, and relieve pain and joint pain.


When you usually travel, you will find yourself planning for tours of nature and mountains, and you will start spending hours indoors training on the next most difficult tour than before and the other hours in the actual tour where you will see nature and continue to move without feeling, Walk by to get to know the new city or even the shopping!

Benefits of Psychological Travel

Improve communication skills

At some point in your journey, you will find yourself forced to talk to someone else, whether the passenger sitting next to you on the train or your roommate in the hotel you booked to stay here is one of the most important benefits of travelling alone. If you travel alone, with a stranger about you no matter how you try! This will help you develop your social skills, especially if you are a stressful person when talking to others, and you will feel less anxious.

Reduce stress

While spending some time at home away from your work responsibilities may seem tempting, taking advantage of this time to travel somewhere might be better and more beneficial to charge your energy, especially since you are moving away from everything your daily protein reminds you of. Many studies suggest travel benefits increase happiness and reduce depression.

Achieving goals

Goals remain goals even if they are listed without names you want to visit one day. When you start to delete those places from the list, this will create a sense of accomplishment and the ability to achieve your goals.

Be more flexible

Travel will teach you that appointments will often change at the last minute, such as a cancelled plane, an unplanned journey in the rain to lead you to a bookstore you never knew existed or a fabulous cafe! Travelling will teach you to become more flexible in your daily life and less wheel, which will allow you to devote more time to reflect on all the details around you.


You will become more patient, because travel will teach you to wait, such as waiting in the passenger line, waiting in a restaurant or waiting for the take-off of the plane and many more. When you learn to stay calm despite the delay – especially in frustrating situations – this will teach you to become patient in all situations that you will face in the future.  
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