What Is Your Travel Style?

What Is Your Travel Style?
Do you know what your travel style is? Most people don’t really think they have a style, but if you take a look at what you enjoy doing on holiday, you may start to see a pattern. If you understand what your particular style is, your travel agent will have an easier time finding destinations and itineraries that fit with what you enjoy doing. What if you’ve never taken a holiday before to get an idea of what you like? That’s no problem; just look at the following travel styles and determine which one best fits your interests.


Do you want to head out of town and explore the great outdoors? If so, you may have an adventurous travel style. Those who enjoy these types of holidays like to go camping and hiking and do other activities that get them outdoors. Some of these activities may even be considered extreme sports or risky to some but, for you, anything that gets you out of your hotel room and away from civilization is an adventure.

Cycling or Walking

For those who want to see nature up close, there are walking and cycling holidays. If this is more your style, you’ll love to know that these holidays can often be customized to let you wander wherever you want. You may fly or drive to the start of your tour but once there, you do everything on foot or on your bicycle. Some of these holidays involve you following a route and seeing a number of different towns and cities. Others are based out of a single city but you ride or walk to different nearby areas every day.

Classic Culture Tours

If you want to learn more about other cultures, this travel style may most closely align with yours. Each holiday is carefully laid out so you get to learn and enjoy the culture of your host country. For example, EXO Travel Tours of Asia will give you the opportunity to see some of the most important cultural sites of Japan, China, Cambodia, and other Asian countries while dining on local dishes and seeing some of the best artistic performances available.


Want to explore another country via its food? If so, you have a culinary travel style. These tours will let you eat your way through another country as you sample native dishes and even learn how to prepare some yourself. It’s great for an adventurous foodie or for an aspiring chef who wants to learn how to prepare international dishes using unique ingredients.

Beach Holidays

What if you want to do nothing but play on the beach for several days? That’s a travel style, too. Beach holidays are exactly what they sound like. You’ll check in to a great resort near the ocean and spend your days swimming, snorkeling, and doing other exciting water-related activities. You can even choose to simply lay out on the beach with a good book. Those with a beach holiday style of travel want to use their holidays to rest, relax, and have a little fun in the sun before returning to work.
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