What are the most amazing travel destinations in Abu Dhabi

What are the most amazing travel destinations in Abu Dhabi
When it comes to choosing a travel destination Abu Dhabi comes at the top of the priority list. People from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi for a memorable and exciting travel experience. This is not without reason that people are becoming so fond of these destinations as the country is one of the most important tourist places in the Persian Gulf. The beauty of Abu Dhabi could be attributed to its beautiful beaches, magnificent architecture, ultramodern shopping plazas, cultural monuments, and adventure-sport destinations. All we can say is that Abu Dhabi is a paradise for those who want to have a break from their bustling lifestyle. With this blog content, I have listed some of the most amazing travel destinations with shopping coupons like Souq Coupon code UAE  in Abu Dhabi that can help people choose their stay in this astonishing place. So, without wasting much of your precious time let’s know these travel attractions:

1. Saadiyat Beach

Abu Dhabi is a place of stunning and magnificent beaches and most of the tourists who plan to visit this destination come here to see the beaches. There are many beaches in Abu Dhabi like Corniche Beach, Al Bateen Beach, Saadiyat beach, Al Maya beach and Yas beach that people can visit. However, among all of these, Saadiyat beach stands apart. The Saadiyat beach is situated 500 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi and is widely known for its rich and native wildlife species.  Saadiyat Beach is the nesting ground of Hawksbill Turtles which are rare in the world.

2. Mushrif Central Park

Mushrif Central park or commonly called Mushrif Park is one of the most famous family-oriented parks in Abu Dhabi which could be a gift for families and children. The garden is spread over a total land area of 5 KM and is situated in the eastern part of the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. Ranging from arts and crafts stalls, food trucks, and live music the garden has something to offer to every visitor. The beauty of Ushrif Central Park could be attributed to clever paintings and elegant styles that are designed by experts. In nutshell, the park is a paradise for families and particularly children. While you are in Mushrif Park rest assured that your family members and little angels are in a clean, calm, and smoke-free space.

3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

If you are a practising Muslim and fond of Islamic architectural designs then Sheikh Zayad Mosque is sure to visit the site. The mosque is one of the world’s largest mosques and the key place of worship. The mosque is spread over a total land area of 12 hectares which is more than enough to hold a gathering of 40 thousand people. Apart from being the world’s largest mosque, various other elements make this mosque a special one. For example, the carpet used in the main prayer hall is one of the unique carpets in the whole world. It is a woollen carpet and weighs 35 tons. It took 2 years of relentless work by weavers to make it an extraordinary piece.

4. Heritage Village

If you are among one those who like a desert way of life then this place is for you. With Bedouin tents set up with campfires, Arabian horses and a queue of camels this heritage village exhibits a model of Beduin lifestyle and heritage. Among many points of attraction, the museum at the Heritage Village is something that attracts the attention of every visitor. The museum showcases the lifestyle, and heritage of Abu Dhabi before the oil boom. The museum showcases copies of the Quran, traditional jewellery and tools used by the traditional Arab residents. To sum it up we can say is that the Heritage Village has got many things to offer the visitors along with traditional arts and crafts. Overall, it will be a paradise for visitors.

5. Ferrari World

Ferrari World is one of the most famous indoor amusement parks that can give immense excitement and thrills to those tourists who have an appetite for G-force and velocity. The Ferrari World situated on Al Maya beach came into existence in the year 2007 and since then it has emerged as one of the most famous tourist destinations for people. The centre of attraction in the Ferrari world is the world-class roller-coasters that are coupled with state-of-the-art simulators.
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