Top 6 travel destinations in Patagonia

Top 6 travel destinations in Patagonia
Patagonia lies on the shores of Latin America, and runs through Chile and Argentina. The breathtaking scenery is breathtaking in beauty and amazing form. It boasts some of the most diverse types of wildlife, and this rich diversity is due to the distance of the region. These include penguins to the south, world-renowned bird life in the Falkland Islands, endangered animals, and the largest predator, Patagonia, Puma. Here are top 6 travel destinations in Patagonia

Whale watch in Puerto Piramides

Puerto Pyramids seaside town is famous worldwide for its clear blue waters and quietly emerging beaches with pyramids such as rocks, powder golden sand, and sea animals. Established in 1900, it was the only habitable place on the peninsula and its main livelihood was the salt harbor with huts of wood, timber, and metal panels. Throughout the year, all types of marine animals can be seen in open water. From June to December, stunning southern right whales reach the sea and give birth. Orca whales arrive between February and May. Dolphins are present in this area throughout the year. Other wildlife that can be seen in the area are wolves, sea tigers, cubs

Penguins in Punta Tombo

This arid landscape encircles the deep Patagonian plains, flowing through a long winding beach and numerous bays. One does not expect to find penguins in this desert environment, but when spring attains this desolate coast, there it is! Slowly bending over, they start pigs on the beach in September, first in the dozens, then in the hundreds, and finally in the thousands live on a road with about 500,000 birds occupying every piece of uninhabited rub. And along the beaches, they automatically roll back and forth in order and file.

Torres del Pine National Park

In Chile, you will visit the Torres del Paine National Park. You can choose to stay in an area and take a day walk or hike for several days. With these, you can stay in hostels or tents. In the southern region, it is best to take a boat so that you can have a better view of the amazing glaciers. Here you will also find colonies of penguins. Hiking a week or more around the Chilean region in Patagonia is very easy.

Junin de Los Andes

Patagonia is a very good place to raise problems. It has an ideal temperature for salmon, excellent water, and a wide range of rivers and lakes that allow all types of fly casting practices. Two notable places to visit are the Junin de Los Andes, a town in the province of Neuron in the northern part of Patagonia and the Rio Grande, in the Tierra del Fuego. In the Junin de Los Andes, the Malleo River suffers from a lot of rainbow problems throughout the season, but it is late March when things get interesting.

El Calafate

El Calafate is the starting point for those who come from Argentina. From here, you will enter Los Glacier National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is part of the world’s third-largest ice cap. An active glacier, Perito Moreno, often relieves snow cuts in the lake. It is also possible to walk on it – if the weather permits, of course.

Los Glaciers National Park

Los Glacier National Park is located in the southwestern Argentine province of Santa Cruz, bordering Chile, and looks stunning under the vast blue sky. It can be surprising at times that Patagonia is a winter wonderland, especially when you have traveled to wet and noisy cities before making your way to the region . Since global warming causes global warming and snow caps and Glaciers melt, there maybe years. The next few are the best times and enjoy these effects of the Ice Age in all its splendid splendor. What are you waiting for? A holiday in Patagonia is definitely an unforgettable experience.
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