Top 5 Attractions To Visit New Zealand

Top 5 Attractions To Visit New Zealand
Travelling to New Zealand is on the wish list of most individuals.  Famous movies such as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings inspire most of these individuals. A visit to New Zealand will reveal more than you see in the movies, television, or magazines. The only shortcoming is that you probably have to cross the Pacific, which is not very cheap. Since New Zealand is an island, you can expect some magnificent coastlines with distinct features such as the caves. Once you land in Australia, getting around is pretty straightforward. Besides the US Dollar, the Euro and Sterling Pound are acceptable in the country. The only downside of travelling to New Zealand is that the budget is higher. Although there are many places to visit in New Zealand, here are the top 5 that you can’t afford to miss.

1. Diverse wildlife

If you love wildlife, then your stay in New Zealand will be unforgettable. Together with Australia, New Zealand is considered the last continent to evolve, and thus there are animals you will see nowhere else in the world. Rare dolphins, prehistoric reptiles, birds, and a variety of marine life are wildlife you will see. Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua have zoos and reserves with popular kiwi birds.

2. Magical landscapes

The fantastic landscapes have made New Zealand a major filming destination for most film crews. If you love hiking, then you’ll love the natural hiking experience that New Zealand has to offer. The natural landscapes are unique, and the scenes are so refreshing, like Mount Earnslaw.

3. Bay of Islands

Just 3 hours from Auckland, the Bay of Islands is ideal for watersports, swimming, and fishing. There are a variety of tours that you can enjoy in this region. The region has some attractions such as the Hole in the Rock. Hotels are also available for dining and accommodation.

4. Renown vineyards

Viticulture is widespread in New Zealand, favoured by the fertile soil and temperate climate. There are a variety of grapes grown in different regions, such as Waiheke Island. Also, Marlborough leads in the country’s wine industry. Central Otago has numerous red grape varieties that will make your stay there super amazing.

5. Ancient Culture

For culture enthusiasts, you cant exhaust the cultural experience that you can learn here. Maori culture is one of the oldest indigenous cultures in the world. You will come across numerous Maori phrases along the streets, on TV programs, and in everyday life. There is more, Waitangi Day is one of the most significant cultural festivals in New Zealand. The friendliness of the natives is remarkable and makes you wish to stay longer. Conclusion Frankly, you cannot get enough of New Zealand. Canyoning in Waitomo, Hiking, Skiing, Bungy jumping, White water rafting, skydiving, Kayaking, and so much more awaits in New Zealand. In case you have to prepare your adrenaline, you plan to travel there.
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