Tips on How to Achieve the Best Road Trip Ever

Tips on How to Achieve the Best Road Trip Ever
The season of road trips has finally come, and many people are excited to try RVing for that much-awaited family bonding experience. But while family bonding during a road trip is great, planning makes everything a lot smoother for everyone involved. This is especially true when eschewing traditional hotels for an RV experience, as more planning is required. With that in mind, here are the factors you must consider for you to make a road trip with your family much more fun for everyone:

1. Choose the right vehicle

You can’t have a road trip without a proper vehicle. Get a vehicle that’s big enough for your family to move in a comfortable way. Remember that most of the time you’re inside, so make sure you’re not compromising comfort. One thing to also keep in mind is your RV is not like your house, but it should give you the comfort that you experience when you’re at home. Furthermore, the power is limited to its battery, so make sure you label your electronics by priority so you won’t end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere when the battery dies on you. Vehicles for road trips tend to be expensive, and it’s not a necessity for you to buy one for you to have a road trip with your family or friends. There are a lot of reliable and honest RV rental companies you can find over the internet or on your local yellow pages. Of course, before you choose RV rental companies educate yourself and find which vehicle suits your needs.

2. Plan your route

Talk to your family about the route you’re going to take, the places you want to go, and the ideal route options you have. Although sometimes it’s not about the destination, it won’t hurt if you know exactly where to start drafting the map of your trip. Check out the pit stops in between destinations and the available gas stations so you’ll know just how much distance you can travel without having to pull over. Make sure you note every gas station you pass by so that you will not be in danger of having your RV run out of gas. Also, map out the places that are frequently visited by tourists. At the same time, be open to discovering what’s not in the listed hot spots — you’ll never know, and you might find a nice place that’s only known to the locals. In addition, map the toll routes and calculate how much you have to pay each time you pass a toll. It’s going to speed things up if you already have the exact amount needed. It makes it easier for both you and the employee at the toll.

3. Have at least a timetable

Having at least a bare-bones timetable on where and what you’re going to be doing helps you save time and effort on the road. The whole plan doesn’t have to be followed to a tee, but it helps to keep things organized. Make sure to run the plan by your family so that what you want to do correlates with what everyone else wants as well.

4. Keep your budget in mind

Taking a vacation doesn’t mean you suddenly have the leeway of spending more than what’s needed. There’s still life after the vacation and you’re going to regret going into debt for a vacation. It’s a common mistake for people to splurge on their road trip, so make sure everyone knows to what extent they can spend money while traveling. If it’s not a necessity, then talk it over amongst yourselves. Will it make the whole experience better? If the answer is no, then it’s better not to make the purchase.

5. Have your own entertainment

Have fun while you’re on the road and in between stops. It’s not bad to make up games amongst yourselves. It keeps you all alert so that you can take in the surroundings and helps keep the driver entertained. If possible, bring CDs with you so you can listen to music along the way.

6. Have an alternative driver

It’s not fair for the designated driver to be the only one responsible for getting from point A to point B. Have someone act as an alternate so that your driver can catch some rest every once in a while. After all, the road trip should also be fun for the one driving as well.

7. Let people know

To feel much more secure while traveling on the road, let some close friends or relatives know where you’re going. Constantly update them on your whereabouts so they know what leg of your journey you are on. In an event of an accident, they’ll know what to expect and how to react. Final Thoughts Preparation is always the key, especially when it comes to an RV road trip. Whether or not you’ll end up sticking to your plans, making them will ensure that things are much smoother. Have fun and bond with the assurance of a carefully planned road trip that will maximize your enjoyment.
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