Things You Must See In Austria

Things You Must See In Austria
Austria is a fantastic and beautiful nation totally made up of fascinating mountains with inside characteristic cities with palaces, of authentic beauty … a nation that inevitably brings us back to orchestral music … it would be worth visiting all. Austria is a real “treasure chest” of beauty to be discovered …. Where to start? As in many countries we usually start from the capital, especially if it represents an absurd beauty … as well as in Austria …


Capital, which contains all the beauties we can imagine: it owes its charm to the Danube river that crosses it, to the many imperial palaces, including the Hofburg and the Schoenbrunn castle, but also to the presence of influential characters such as Sissi, Mozart, Beethoven and Freud, who have left her a rich artistic and intellectual heritage, and above all musical. Then the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, La Ringstraße, a nineteenth-century street along which there are numerous monuments and numerous theaters. Vienna is truly an incredible and unique beauty.


Surrounded by mountain ranges of unique beauty: La Nordkette. Fascinating city endowed with unique beauty and also called “the capital of the Alps”. Typical monuments are the “Hofburg” and the court church which is a funeral monument of Emperor Maximilian I with 28 bronze statues at life height. Don’t forget that Innsbruck is a real paradise for trekking excursions!


Carinthia is known as the region of a thousand lakes … indeed a few more. The big ones are about forty, but all of them reserve surprises, in summer and in winter, above and below the surface. And their water can even be drunk! Here you can find a path in the mountains, a track only for bikes, and then the famous thermal baths …


Beautiful city not to be missed: Baroque architecture, thanks to which its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site, works of art preserved in its museums, boundless cultural and musical proposal.


Across the Stubai glacier you can reach the “Top of Tyrol” viewing platform (3,210 m). From the “Schaufeljoch” mountain station you can climb in a few minutes thanks to a series of metal stairs. The viewing platform offers a spectacular view over the whole of Tyrol and beyond: from the nearby Stubai glaciers to the Dolomites, the Alps and a hundred other peaks in the Alpine region!


One of the things to do absolutely in Austria is to cycle along one of the many cycle paths. Many are in Carinthia and the most famous is the Drava cycle path which unites three European countries: Austria, Slovenia and Italy and is over 366 kilometers long.


This small town at the foot of the Dachstein has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its beauty and harmony between historical and cultural heritage and the wonderful landscape that surrounds it.


A high-altitude landscape is marked by alpine lakes, streams and waterfalls, including the impressive Krimml waterfalls on the Salzburg side.
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