The Best Cars for Road Trips

The Best Cars for Road Trips

The Best Cars for Road Trips

We don’t want to stop moving, but nowadays reality makes us travel more on roads to avoid contagion in saturated ports and destinations. Depending on your style, these are the best vehicles for road travel.

Traveling by car on the road has immense advantages. To begin with, trips are cheaper if we do them with all the seats occupied, so we will save compared to the plane and equivalent transfers. Of course, more peace of mind by avoiding crowded places and airports or terminals to try to reduce infections, key to traveling safely. Savings, practicality, fun and safety are our arguments for traveling by road. These are our recommendations of the best vehicles to travel by road according to your lifestyle.

For the family

Honda Odyssey, Chevrolet Suburban or Peugeot Rifter HDi Space is the main argument, seven or eight passengers must fit well, comfortable and safe. Honda offers us one of the best minivans in the world, super practical for travel; Suburban is a classic for family travel and still with plenty of space in the trunk, while Rifter, in addition to space, is economical with its diesel engine, the best for the road

For the adventurers

Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco or Land Rover Defender When it comes to getting where few can take you, away from crowds and near a distant lake or remote mountain, Jeep is leading the way here… for now. A proven Wrangler will go as far as it takes, but the new Ford Bronco has excellent arguments on paper to go even further. If you want prestige in addition to capabilities, the new Land Rover Defender is your premium adventurer.

For athletes

Ford Lobo, Chevrolet Cheyene or Ram 1500 Full size pick-ups are the best companion for athletes. Whether you bring bicycles, motorcycles, a lot of clothing or specialized equipment, they have everything. In addition, they have super modern and spacious cabins. Ford Lobo 2021 is our choice for being the most modern and equipped, although Cheyenne and Ram are wonderful and just as capable of carrying out what you need to your favorite destination to exercise.

For environmentalists

Toyota RAV-4 hybrid, Peugeot 3008 HDi or Mitsubishi Mirage RAV-4 hybrid is one of the most economical spacious vehicles we have driven, with up to 30 km / l in ideal conditions, but with enormous autonomy to get anywhere. Peugeot 3008 HDi is perhaps one of our favorites for travel; It not only saves money by having a diesel engine, it is super comfortable and modern. If the budget is low and we still want to go far, a small like Mitsubishi Mirage promises us more than 1,000 km per tank on the road.

For Technological

Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron or Mercedes EQC Yes, there are many tech vehicles, but none quite as much as the best electric ones. The issue is that with maximum autonomies around 500 km, it is best not to make trips of more than 300 km. That’s why Tesla Model X is our favorite, for space, but especially because of the Tesla Superchargers road charging network. If the trips are of maximum 350 km, a beautiful Audi e-tron or the new Mercedes EQC will take us there with a lot of technology and luxury, but limited only to destinations that have chargers, to be able to return home once the holidays are over.

Trips with pets

Kia Niro, Suzuki Vitara, Volvo XC-40 If, in addition to people, we travel with our other dear companions, in addition to all the safety and care accessories for the trip, we will choose spacious, comfortable vehicles with low trunk access. Kia Niro not only meets this, it is also very economical as a hybrid. Suzuki Vitara falls into the economic spectrum of these models, still spacious, of very good quality and with enough space. Volvo XC-40 would be perfect for a trip as a couple and our pets, with more luxury, but above all with great security for everyone.
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