The 10 Best Places To Travel

The 10 Best Places To Travel
Most people do believe that having the ultimate travelling experience depends on the size of their budgets. While such may be true to some extent, there is no doubt that for you to have such an experience, you need to visit some of the best locations. The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of the most fun-filled locations which you can travel to today.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is growing in popularity among travellers around the world with each second that passes by. The reason for such can’t be far–fetched as it has some wonderful spots and locations that can only live anyone asking for more. Its nightlife activities are worth mentioning as they are very lively. You will find a restaurant which is stylish, a cocktail bar and the Muddlers Club.

Belgrade, Serbia

It has become very popular after the war. A lot has been invested into this place that it is becoming one the favourites for tourists around the world. Its neighbourhoods now have lots of bars as well as restaurants to ensure that there is never a dull moment. A city that has over 35 breweries should never be taken for granted in terms of what it can offer tourists.

Cambodian Coast

There is a lot that this island which is located in South East Asia can add to your experience. In the past, visitation was difficult due to a lack of transportation means. However, all that has changed as you can now book one of those direct flights heading to coastal Sihanoukville (airport). This can be done through Ho Chi Minh City. There are spa treatments as well different cuisines that you can have access to in this place.


This was formerly in some kind of financial crisis which threatened its existence. However, with some investors taking over, the future looks bright and it has started attracting travellers from all over the world again. There are different activities on the Island that you will always find fascinating. These could be a spa treatment, a restaurant, a reserve (lavish Ritz-Carlton) and a resort (the Ariel Sands).

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is growing indeed and this will be evident in the activities which will be taking place when its first Biennial was held. This was an event where different artists will be present. The capital of Hawaii is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with when arts and culture are mentioned.

Jebel Akhdar, Oman

If you want to discover nature at its best then this is the place to visit. It will only take you about 2 hours if you are coming from Muscat using a car. The Al-Hajar Mountains have a lot to offer as it has some really wonderful views, natural terraces and craggy wadis. During the spring season, the hills are covered with pink roses with some natural aroma.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

This is a place which is attracting tourists on a yearly basis like never before. There are lots of things to discover here ranging from the Mount Pilatus summit, Lake Uri, Gotthard Base Tunnel, Buiräbähnli Safari and lots more.


It is important to point out that initially, Laos was not given the attention it deserved by tourists. However, all these are changing very fast as the number of people travelling to see what it has been endowed with is increasing on a yearly basis. Some of what you will discover are crumbling temples, golden stupas which have stayed for centuries, jungle mountains and terraced waterfalls.

Montevideo, Uruguay

This is a place which has grown very popular amongst tourists for its unique designs, food as well as fashion. If you want to have a taste of those market ingredients which have been cooked to perfection then don’t fail to visit Lucía Soria. Also, Plantado Restaurant has got some of the best meat you can try out.

Norfolk, Virginia

This used to be associated with the military but all that is in the past. One of its areas of strength is the brewing companies which are springing up rapidly. Some of them are Benchtop Brewing and Bearded Bird Brewing. There are also restaurants such as Cogan’s Pizza which will be opening in the year 2017.
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