Must see places in Sweden

Must see places in Sweden
Here is travel tips for people who want to travel Sweden. If this is your first trip to Sweden, this article will be helpful to you. Here is the list of must-see places in Sweden. Summer is getting near and while many travellers go to Southern Europe and the Riviera in hope of warm and sunny weather, many people have discovered the vast beauty of Scandinavia. In particular, Sweden has become somewhat of a favourite for Americans visiting Europe. This is of course not a full comprehensive guide of what to see in Sweden, rather a small taste of what you shouldn’t miss if you get the chance to spend a few days here. Here is the travel tips and recommendations for all who want to travel to Sweden. The small list of must-see places in Sweden:

The Island of Gotland

Located in the Baltic Sea, this absolutely stunning island is a must. You can reach it by ferry from the mainland (several daily departures from the cities of Oskarshamn or Nynashamn), or by air from Stockholm. The medieval town of Visby is the largest town in Gotland and hosts a spectacular fortress wall surrounding the old city. In the summer, Visby turns into a party place of rare proportions attracting young people from all of Scandinavia. If you prefer a more quiet experience, try Faro in the north of Gotland and be sure to see the “rauks” – the oddly shaped stone columns created by natural erosion.


The capital of Sweden is beautiful in the summer. If you’re here for a short stop only, be sure to visit the palace and the old town and take a ferry or bus to Djurgarden where you can visit the two amusement parks of Grona Lund and Skansen in one single day. If you’ve got more time on your hands, go on a boat trip to see the archipelago located outside of Stockholm – several routes and tours are available.

Lund and Malmo

Due to the proximity of these three cities and great communications between them, you can easily get the most of them in one day. Start in Lund and stroll around the small medieval city centre and be sure not to miss the very special Lund Cathedral (Domkyrkan) built in 1103. Continue to Malmo which is about 15 minutes away by train. Go to Vastra Hamnen and walk along the sea for a perfect view of Oresundsbron, the long bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, as well as the “Turning Torso”, a twisting skyscraper which is the tallest residential building in the European Union. Whenever you’re ready, continue with the train crossing the Oresund bridge over to Denmark and Copenhagen to complete your day. If you’re not up to this final stop, you can get off at the Kastrup airport, which will be on your way to Copenhagen!
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