Long Car Trips: Useful Trips and Preparations

Long Car Trips: Useful Trips and Preparations

Long Car Trips: Useful Trips and Preparations

There are few things better than having a car and being able to travel with it wherever you want. However, the fact of traveling a long journey requires prior preparation so that the experience is as tedious as possible when we have several hundred or even thousands of kilometers ahead. Plan your rest days well, prepare your vehicle, find out about traffic and weather, and make your road trips safe and comfortable.

Before a long car trip, plan your route. Planning your route is much more than blindly trusting your GPS. It is part of the magic of the trip. Choosing the quickest route or enjoying the scenery is a very personal decision. Whatever you choose, before you hit the road it is important that you find out about the best routes, the state of the roads and which sections there are maintenance works on.

Just in case, have a plan in mind. That is, an alternative route in case you find a traffic jam or choose the day of departure. It is more pleasant to continue the march, even if the route is longer, than to stand still, especially if you travel with children.

Before leaving, leave your home very safe or, if not, you will be thinking about it while driving in case you have left something undone, and when driving we must be focused, without being distracted. The best thing is that you make a list with all the things that you have to finish before leaving. And, of course, try to get enough sleep the day before. Your reaction time will not be the same if you do not rest and you can tire yourself sooner as you leave the kilometers behind.

Routes of more than two hours? Take a break and take advantage of it. Fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents and safety is the most important thing when traveling. Our advice? Enjoy the ride and make a stop every two hours. In Spain and Europe there are many service stations prepared to stop along the way, cool off, relax with a walk or some stretching and, if you feel like it, have a snack

Likewise, we encourage you to plan the stops as part of the trip. We are convinced that you will discover surprising corners, charming villages and gastronomic experiences that you did not know.

Set aside the day of the trip simply to drive quietly. It is not advisable to give an estimated time of arrival because this will make you more nervous about being on time, as it will happen to those who wait for you at the point of arrival. Do not be in a hurry to arrive and be careful with the last kilometers in which we accumulate more fatigue.

Get your car ready. If we prepare to go on vacation, our car also has to prepare. With a good set-up you reduce the number of breakdowns and increase your safety and that of others.

You can check that everything is in order yourself or take it to a workshop (RACE has the Eurekar service with which those who become members can quickly check their car with the club’s guarantee). Pay attention to the tires, both their pressures and if the time has come to change them; check the condition of the battery, the correct operation of the lights, if the suspensions are good and that the car fluids are at their level: engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid.

Charging the car safely is much more than playing Tetris. For our safety and comfort, it is not advisable to carry excess luggage. Excessive weight will compromise the behavior of the car. In addition, it is important to place each load in its place. At RACE we teach you how to organize the trunk of your car if it is full and remember that pets should not be loose.
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