How to Travel With Friends

How to Travel With Friends
Holidays can be far more rewarding when you have friends to share them with. Whether you go backpacking together, all pile into a hostel or book a group stay at a fabulous hotel, you can have a ball of a time when you jet out to pastures new with your friends. But spending all your time with other people, even people you love, can be exhausting, so here I explain how to travel with friends and have an amazing holiday without getting on each other’s nerves!

Prepare beforehand

It’s vital that you research your destination before you travel. If all sudden, you find yourselves lost in a foreign place, you could all turn on each other and destroy your friendship as you argue over how to find your way around a new city. Also make sure everyone packs all the items they need, so no-one gets tempted to steal someone else’s supplies and create a massive argument!

Discuss your budget

Let’s say you all want to go to a fabulous restaurant one night while you’re away. Only one friend tells you they can’t afford it; suddenly your group breaks out into a massive argument and the whole holiday gets ruined! Openly discuss budgets with your friends before you leave home, so you can make sure that everyone has enough cash to get the most out their getaway experience!

Draw up schedules

One of the hardest parts of travelling with friends is living with them in a confined space for days on end. Don’t let little living arrangement issues like whose going to use the shower at certain times spoil things. Think about getting your friends together at the start of your getaway and drawing up schedules for routine living tasks, so you can co-exist while having the time of your life with your mates in an amazing foreign destinaion!

Take it in turns

You’ll all want to do different things and try various activities while holidaying together. As Pop Sugar writes, you may not want to do your holiday by committee. Instead of compromising, why not compromise on compromising and take it in turns to pick your holiday activities? You never know, your friends might just introduce you to something that you really enjoy, but would have never experienced without their input!

Go your own way

Whatever you do, don’t stay with your friends 24/7 while vacationing together. You may be the closest group in the world but at some point, you’ll start to get on each other’s nerves. Defuse the tension by setting aside time to go off and do your own thing. You can explore your surroundings at your own leisure for a while and then come back together, ready to go out and make getaway memories you’ll cherish for years to come!

Maintain perspective

When you reach your wits end while travelling with friends, remember one thing. Your situation is only temporary; soon enough, you’ll all be back at home and wishing you had treasured every moment of your break. Put things in perspective so you can enjoy some time away from your hectic normal life and appreciate spending a few days with people you love in an exotic location!
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