How to travel with a pet

How to travel with a pet
Whether you are going far away or a place close to home, packing for your pet is different from packing for yourself. You should pack plenty of extra toys, food, a blanket to make the pet remember home and a water bowl to keep them hydrated throughout the trip. Check the current weather condition at your travel destination. Excessively furry or sort –nosed dogs might require a cooling vest for the hot weather, and the smaller dogs might need a sweater when in chilly cabins or airplanes.

Before your Trip

If you’re traveling by plane, register your pet with the airline, many carriers have a set number of pets that can go on one flight. Also, check the carrier or crate dimensions and include a lot of information to identify your pet on the collar or carrier. You should include your destination and home address on it. There are several tips that you can use when traveling using different means. The suggestions by mode of travel are as follows:

In the Car

If you have a long drive, a few days before the road trip, train your pet to be in the car for many hours. For example, you can have a drive to nearby pack to help them build upon positive association. Prevent them from car sickness by feeding them a few hours ahead of departure, maintain the interiors of the car cool and consider safety measures by been before harnessing.

In an Airport

Take a walk to relax the pet before arriving at the terminal. Many airports have created relief zones for pets or outdoor areas though they tend to be small, they are of help. Allow some ample time between your flights to avoid stress as you could transfer the same to your pet. Do not feed a lot of snacks because this could lead to stomach upsets especially for those that are not used to flights.

In a Hotel

First, you can leave your TV on when you are away to give your pet a comforting background .this can help them to remain calm especially if you are in a noisy city that they are not used to be before. Always have ‘Do not disturb”, sign on your door to prevent a scenario whereby housekeeping will scare your critter, and request that they allocate you a room that is far away from the elevators to avoid a lot of foot traffic next to your door.

In a Foreign City

You should browse the internet to find some pet-friendly activities where you are visiting. And assuming that you are putting up in a pet-friendly hotel, ask the concierge to direct you to restaurants that offer direct seating. They might give you a lot of suggestions to choose from.


Traveling can stress out some pets, so before booking your trip, consider your pet’s personality. Consider if they are comfortable being in a car for long if they are friendly to strangers, or comfortable exploring new environments. These are pointers to how your pet will handle your few days of adventure.
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