How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip


How to prepare your car for a Long Road Trip:

Going on a long drive? Or on Long Road Trip? A breezy weekend or On a holiday?. YES! YOU MUST… To rejuvenate your heart and soul… It’s totally cool to unwind frequently in this hard and busy life….But first, there are a few preps you must do before embarking on such a trip to ensure that you really have a nice, cool and a memorable drive… So as you prepare your suitcase, hamper and the works, kindly do the following to prepare your car for the long road trip and the long drive ahead:

Wheels & Tyres:

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  • Firstly Get all wheel alignment done and at least the front wheel balancing done, if your car is approaching 5000 km since last such servicing.
  • Then Get the brake pads and brake shoes of your car checked by a mechanic if it has not been done so in the last six months. Brake pads are for Disc brakes and brake shoes are for drum brakes.
  • Check tyre pressure in all tyres including the spare, a day prior to the journey. Carry a hand pump or battery pump to inflate your tire in an emergency.
  • You should go in for new tyres every 20,000 km. So if the tyres are bald, or nearing 20,000 km of drive distance, it would be wise to change  them.

  • TOP UP the engine coolant, rear and front wiper fluid.
  • Check engine oil, brake oil, clutch oil, power steering fluid and gear oil levels. If you cannot, get the mechanic to do so. Get them TOPPED UP as required. If your car is old and in a habit of leaking any of the fluids gently, it would be really important to carry a small can of depleting fluid with you in the car, no matter whether you are travelling into or out of the city. These will always come in handy. Carry a can of water too.
  • Get the engine tuning checked up if  it has not been done so in the last six to eight months.


  • Check your windshield wipers. They should be changed after each rainy
  • All the seat belts should be working smooth and holding when you jerk them. DO WEAR THEM WHILE DRIVING.
  • Check the headlight bulbs, tail light bulbs, reverse light bulbs and the brake light bulbs. Keep a spare headlight bulb in your car. Just in case…
  • Carry a nice bright torch.
  • Finally, check your toolkit. Replace old worn out tools. Carry extra tools if you feel so. An emergency tyre puncture kit is a MUST…
  • It will always come in handy to study the route map before a day before you leave to give you a feel of what’s to come…
  • AND ALWAYS REMEMBER – Drive safe, and Come back safe…
I hope the above preparations will help you out to prepare yourself for the upcoming long road trip, or the long drive you had on your mind… Cheerio….So long….
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