Four Reasons Why You Should Travel More

Four Reasons Why You Should Travel More
Travel has always been a favourite hobby for most people for the thrill of seeing new places and having different experiences. Everyone has their own reasons for travelling which take each of us to all corners of the world. New paths are crossed and a connection is formed with every destination. Travel has become a lot easier thanks to a growth in technology. We’re a lot more connected around the world which is why we should travel even more. There are many benefits to travelling and doing more of it only increases their effects. You’ll find many benefits in yourself and your knowledge of the world.

Rest/Get Away

Everybody looks forward to a vacation, whether you’re in a career, school, or just find yourself busy with the real world. Having proper rest and relaxation is a good reason for travelling more. Vacation time actually has health benefits for mainlining both mental and physical health. Our daily lives can get busy enough so travelling will give you the space and time you need to recuperate. Keep in mind that it’s definitely still possible to not fully unwind while travelling. For the best results, you should unplug from technology for some time every day so that you can make sure you’re enjoying the moment of the trip. Travelling gives our mind a rest and treats it will a brand new environment to experience. This temporary “break” in your life usually gives you extra energy to continue throughout the year. It also gives you something to look forward to. It’s easy to get stuck in a day-to-day cycle but a vacation every once in a while is a good way to reward yourself for hard work.


Thanks to social media, we can interact with people all around the world. It’s one thing to have a digital relationship with someone and it’s a lot different from having an actual personal relationship with them. Travelling more will allow you to meet so many more people from all around the world. There are plenty of ways of meeting people while travelling, either while exploring the city, in bars/clubs, or even at your hotel or hostel. Frequent travellers are familiar with the typical conversations that you have with strangers such as where have you travelled and what things you plan to do at the current destination. While many of these conversations are one-time interactions, others you may actually find similar interests and stay in contact with. Even if it’s just exchanging social media accounts, you now have a personal connection with someone potentially halfway around the world. These connections made while travelling can come very in handy. They present opportunities for hosting you while in their city, as a travel buddy to a new destination, or simply to keep updated on life in another place. More of these connections can happen the more your travel.

Get Involved

One of the best parts about travelling is immersing yourself in an entirely new society. You get to experience unique cultural influences that affect daily life. A great reason for travelling more is to continue to surround yourself with these new environments. The more involved you are in a destination, the more you get to see the true essence of where you are. There are plenty of ways that you can get involved while travelling. You can travel with the purpose of learning a language, volunteering, studying abroad, etc. The best way to learn a language is to spend some time in a city where the language is primarily spoken. Being exposed to this daily interaction with the language will allow you to learn and develop it naturally. Volunteering gets you involved with local communities in new areas. Understanding the communities is a good way to understand what life is actually like outside of just the tourist attractions. Studying abroad also promotes constant interaction in a new destination. Your peers are from diverse places that you learn about through conversation and programs typically get you active within a city.

Gain Appreciation

Travelling will make you experience new ways of life, especially in a society much different from your own. For example, travelling from Western society to Southeast Asia and vice-versa. Language is one aspect of culture shock but it can be anything from driving on opposite sides, different food choices, or even different bathrooms. Both large and small cultural differences make you realize your own habits. The simplest routine tasks in daily life can transform into conscious action to complete them. The culture shock can eventually become normal but the lasting effect is that you’ll have a new appreciation of the activity in your own daily life. The more places we experience while travelling, the more we will gain an appreciation for everyday routines and activities. Once you have to actually make conscious thoughts about doing a seemingly simple task, the simplicity of the same task in your regular routine becomes a lot more significant. Going through culture shock is common while travelling. To make the most out of your trip, just accept the local way of life and adapt to your environment. Travelling more can be done either by longer trips in one location or by choosing to go on several smaller trips. Both of these will help you achieve the goal of getting away. If possible, try scheduling your life around vacations instead of vacations around your life. If you give travelling a bigger priority in your life, you’ll find yourself on the go a lot more often.
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