China’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions

China’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions
China is one of the largest countries and boasts the highest population in the world. With so much land and people, it’s no wonder that it has some of the best tourist attractions. From Great Walls to Giant Pandas, and experience in China is sure to amaze. Here are our top 5 China tourist attractions.

1. The Great Wall

Considered on many lists as one of the wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China should be a must-see on any tourist’s list. The wall spans over 5,500 miles and was built over hundreds of years. The latest construction occurred in 1368 under the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall is made up of many interconnecting walls that different warlords and dynasties built over the years. If you don’t see any other China tourist attractions, again you must see the Great Wall.

2. The Terracotta Warriors

Had it not been for a local farmer digging a well in 1974, this terracotta army would still be hidden away from the world. These life-size figures were buried in 210 BC with the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. Each of the thousands of figures has unique faces, hair, and armour styles. They represent the army that triumphed over all the other armies during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), resulting in a united China.

3. The Forbidden City

This architectural wonder was the imperial seat of the Ming and Qing dynasties for 560 years, ending in 1911. A total of 24 emperors lived in this extravagant structure that was once off-limits to ordinary people. It features over 8,000 rooms and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

4. Giant Pandas in Chengu

Contrary to a certain popular movie, pandas do not know Kung Fu. In any case, these animals are a spectacular sight to behold. While there are multiple places in china where you can see a giant panda, Chengdu is considered their hometown. There are three panda centres around Chengdu. The Chengdu Panda Center is in the north part of the city and is the more established of the three. The other two locations are a 1-2 hour travel away from the city. In these locations, you can see Pandas in a more natural environment.

5. The Li River

Some of the most beautiful scenery among the China tourist attractions can be found in the town of Guilin. For hundreds of years, the area around the Li River has attracted poets and artists looking to be inspired by the atmosphere. Perhaps you too can find your inspiration among the bamboo forests, reed beds, and rock formations. The best way to enjoy the river is via boat trip with the most popular run being an 80 kilometre stretch between Guilin and Yangshuo. Have your pick between a larger multi-passenger boat or a small punt for more intimacy. A trip to China should be on everyone’s bucket list. Before you go it is imperative that you take care of your documentation. A passport and China visa is necessary to experience these remarkable China tourist attractions. Fast Passports and Visas are highly recommended for obtaining your documentation in a quick, hassle-free manner.
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