Best Travel Destinations

Best Travel Destinations
People need much more than the timeless beach vacations of the comfortable resorts, reading a good book and getting warmed in hot waters. We’re providing some amazing cities’ you can explore with pleasure in leisure.

Canton Uri (Switzerland)

The greatest quintessential Army knife Alpine’s travel experience is the Swiss Canton Uri. Craving for the traditional cheek-maker huts with clanking cowbells?  Check and get some wildflower meadows and snow capped peaks covering Uri. Your dream of glacial lakes with soaring in a gondola comes true in Uri as well. Its Gotthard Pass with 6,099 feet height, a James Bond’s wannabe jonesing to get absurd hairpin turns. The Alps’ old cobbler road offers the adrenaline-pumping way to make a tour to the Italian-speaking Canton Ticino from the German-speaking Uri. Its world largest train tunnel built on 17 years and takes only 17 minutes to cross it. When to go Canton Uri: Year-round for festivals, hiking and the famous train trips. From May up in August for lake sports, biking and Alpine’s farms hiking. From December up to April for winter fat-biking, sledding, Snowshoeing and skiing in Andrematt as well as other alpine resort areas.

Cradle of Humankind (South Africa)

It’s the Cradle of Humankind makes a turn for you to go home rewinding like a family story way back some 2 or 3 millions or more years. This World Heritage site locating under the grassland’s rolling Highveld that’s an hour away of the northwest Johannesburg. Its 180-square-mile sprawling offers a subterranean window in the human evolutionary history. The scientists have discovered the greatest hominid fossils’ source in the Cradle’s dolomite sinkholes and limestone caves. Get the discovering overview of the Maropeng (means getting back to the original place). Its deeper tour guide to the world-famous “Sterkfontein Caves”, a longest running archeological excavation needs 5 days since 1996. When to go to the Cradle of Humankind: Its skies are clear with comfortable temp (in between of 39 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit) from June up to September. It’s warmer and wetter in the months of October to March.

Chengdu (China)

Chinese fabled destination, Chengdu, a fog-bound river-town that’s having more than 10 million people. This is the only city of the country consisting with same name for two millennia. You’ll find here the world’s legendary culinary expert of the Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Hotpot, Tea-smoked Duck, etc. That’s why, its UNESCO designed second ‘City of Gastronomy and the hub of the Sichuan cuisine. When to go to Chengdu: From September to early November for fall flora, especially the golden gingko trees, but avoid the National vacation day. From October 1st to 7th are the Golden Week and the best time for Chinese domestic tourism. These are some of the best travel destinations to explore the amazing cities with fun, foods and historical knowledge. There are more cities over the world, including Guadeloupe Islands of French and Caribbean rich culture. So, stay with us for other exciting and outstanding cities and cultures globally.
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