6 Places to Travel in Germany

6 Places to Travel in Germany
Germany is known by tourists for its important historical sites, beers and beautiful natural landscapes. Many people, however, attend the capital when they want to visit this country, and they do not know many beautiful and interesting places. Thinking about it, we made a collection of cities beyond Berlin to get to know the country. See 6 places to travel in Germany!


For those who are already visiting Berlin, but want to know other places in the country, Hamburg is a good request. Only a few hours from the capital, the city has one of the largest ports in Europe, its main attraction. In addition, the bridges and canals form landscapes that enchant tourists. Prepare your camera!


One of the most popular destinations in the country, Munich charms for two reasons: the first is the architecture and cultural programs it offers. Those who enjoy history will be enchanted by the museums of the region. The second reason is the food and the typical festivities. That’s because this city is the birthplace of the famous Oktoberfest! Celebrated in various parts of the world – including Brazil – the festival originated in Germany and, therefore, tourism in Munich is very popular in October. But even outside the party time, local breweries form a great tourist route for those who enjoy the drink!


One of the oldest cities in Germany is also one of the most romantic. On the banks of the Rhine, Cologne draws attention to its buildings and landscapes. The Cologne Cathedral, one of the city’s postcards, took more than 600 years to get ready. You can even get to know the Chocolate Museum, take a cruise on the Rhine River and taste the Kölsch, a beer brewed in the city and famous all over the world. A great tour to do the two!


House of the oldest university in the country, Heidelberg was one of the cities that has not suffered from the bombings of World War II – and therefore still preserves its cobblestone streets and old buildings. Its well-preserved historic centre makes the city look like it came out of a book. While you are there, be sure to visit the ruins of Heidelberg Castle, the most famous tourist spot in the area.


This city is the ideal destination for lovers of music and culture. His tradition with big names in German art is well-known: walking the streets, you discover where the writer Goethe studied and where the Bach musician worked. And who like history will also enjoy the city, which was where the demonstrations that culminated in the fall of the Berlin Wall began. Good!


The name you already know because of History classes at school. The city is famous for the Nuremberg Trial which brought the Nazis to justice. But this is not the only attraction of the city: the German National Museum, the Nuremberg Castle, the artisan’s village and the medieval-style buildings are also worth a visit. If you are there near the end of the year, you will discover that the city is also the Christmas capital in the country. The Christmas market is one of the most festive spots in Germany at this time of year. What did you think of these places to travel to in Germany? The country has options for all types of tourists, from those who enjoy parties to those who enjoy historical tourism. So no matter what your goal, do not leave Germany out of your script!
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