5 Top Tourist Attractions in Brisbane

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Brisbane
One of the best ways to release one’s stress is traveling. In that way, you can relax and spend your vacation without thinking of loads of work and school-home work you have left in your office or at home. Some people prefer traveling alone but usually, a lot of people want to be accompanied by their loved ones, friends or family. Though thinking of the budget, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and one of the largest cities in Australia may be your next destination. Aside from it being budget-friendly as well as the climate is in its best state for the whole year round, there are various places you can visit and in this article, we are going to give you the 5 top-rated tourist spots that you can enjoy if you are in group tours in Brisbane that will surely make your stay worthy and memorable:

1. South Bank Parklands

If you are looking for a place to enjoy free swimming, then, THIS IS IT! Aside from free-swimming facilities, there are also museums or art galleries that you can look up to — you will then experience with your family or friends a world-class ambience that the place exudes. Elegant, refreshing, and full of culture. And of course, if you feel like having a picnic, you can have it in the permitted areas while being amazed by the riverfront land. You will once again feel like being reconnected with the environment for the eye-worthy water body as well as the ornaments that add colours around. Or if you want to eat good food, don’t go anywhere for various restaurants are offering cheap but tasty delicacies you can buy around Little Stanley and Grey Street. Furthermore, South Bank Parklands is open for 365 days so you don’t have to worry about going here on a random day.

2. Mount Coot-tha Lookout

If your group wants to have a peaceful afternoon after strolling in South Bank Parklands, then you can take a 20 minutes joy ride from there to Mount Coot-tha Lookout. Though you will have to walk on a trail, it is a stunning achievement not only because you have reached the top but because of its spectacular view away from the city. You can have a nice chitchat with your family and friends or you might just prefer taking a sip on your coffee or tea, while enjoying your favourite red velvet cake accompanied by the sapphire slowly turning into a pastel rose orange sky, as the sun sets down.

3. Wheel of Brisbane

Fear of heights? Nah-uh. The Wheel of Brisbane might change your mind. Upon seeing the Ferris wheel at night, you will surely muster your courage to try it out to see the beauty of the nightlights of the city. Not only will it captures your eyes but you will eventually enjoy going higher and higher if your special someone will accompany you.

4. St. Helena Island National Park

To better understand the past of Brisbane; you must also visit the St. Helen Island National Park. The place provides the ruins of the colonial prison and the early life of the prisoners as well. Considering that this is the first Historical National Park of Queensland, you will find out a lot of stories behind this heritage that you can share with your group.

5. Queen Street Mall

And.. of course, the last but not the least…What’s travel without shopping? Of course, you have to! Queen Streets Mall provides everything that you need. May it be food, fashion, or entertainment! You will initially swear to yourself that you won’t buy anything and will only do window shopping but you will be lying if you will not feel the urge of buying once you step inside the Street Mall. This is perfect for souvenirs that you are going to give to your colleagues and classmates. These are some of the recommended tourist spots you might visit if you are considering staying in Brisbane that will surely make you happy and bring worth remembering experience especially if you are on2 group tours.
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