5 Things You Need To Know When Traveling Abroad

5 Things You Need To Know When Traveling Abroad
Have you been stuck going from work to home, to sleep, to work? Sounds like you need to take some time off and take a trip somewhere abroad. If you’re planning your R&R getaway to a destination outside of the country, you’ll need to know a few things about travelling abroad. Lucky for you, there is a list below:

The Language

Be mindful of the country’s national language. Sure, English may be the most common form of communication throughout the world, but that does not mean everyone speaks or understands what you are saying. While travelling abroad, I have learned that trying to speak the national language is better than assuming the people speak English. After all, you are a guest in their country.

The Laws

Are you planning on going to Amsterdam? Paris? Mexico? You had better make sure you obey the law. No one wants to be locked away in a foreign country. Sure, maybe you can bribe your way out of jail and if this happens, you probably will try. I suggest the easier route by being certain you know what you can and can’t do while you are there.

The Food

The chances of you travelling abroad and not being able to read a menu are going to be high. Most of the time, menus are in different languages and rarely do they have pictures. Do some research on your destination and find out what food is most common, how to pronounce it and what food allergies may be associated with it. After all, not all countries have great healthcare.

The HotSpots

Honestly, I can not tell you how many times I have been out of the country and found that many places cater to travellers. Because of this, there are many destinations across the world where the tourist attractions are specifically made for travellers. While sometimes this can be a good thing, I usually find it is best to stay far far away from those areas. They are often crowded and falsified for tourists. What I recommend is checking out some blogs or forums online. Find out where the locals go because if locals aren’t there, chances are you probably don’t want to waste your time or money.

The Sanctuaries

No traveller should feel unsafe. That is why Safety is not only last on my list, it is the most important as well. When travelling abroad, you want to ensure that you will make it back home after your vacation. I can not say this enough, do your homework. Forums and Blogs are your best friends. Also, as I mentioned before, tourist attractions are not necessarily the best place to sightsee, and they’re not always safe. This is because the bad guys know travellers will be around, they know you are probably an easy target. Trust me, go to Google.com and type in “Bad areas of ___” and I guarantee you’ll find something about your destination.
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