3 Top Destinations to Travel

3 Top Destinations to Travel
There are several amazing places to visit all around the world, pasturing from the exotic in the Far East right through to the ancient and extraordinary cultures of Europe.


One of the most up-and-coming locations in the world for all-inclusive holidays or completely boutique tours in Bulgaria. This European nation is steeped in history and culture, and it still rests as one of the most affordable and untouched holiday targets in the world today. This country is most favourite for its amazing Black Sea resorts which have long been a popular target for many other people from Eastern Europe. But, more and more people from everywhere in the world are starting to discover this country and its magnificent coastlines. Moreover, the Black Sea, Bulgaria is also a place to some fantastic mountains, ski resorts, nature reserves and entirely unspoiled landscapes, along with an abundance of history and culture as well as its stunning Orthodox churches. It is home to the 2nd oldest city in Europe as well – Sofia – which is matchless for history and culture buffs.


One of the next locations to add to the list of the greatest destination is Cambodia. Long has the Far East been a quite popular destination for all people around the world, yet there are some that are furthermore not so high on the bucket list of travellers who tend to prefer to regularly go to the likes of Vietnam and Thailand. With that said, Cambodia actually is a fascinating nation with a rich and unique culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, it is one of the most inexpensive locations in the Far East, which means even those people on a budget can normally sustain to go here, even if it is through all-inclusive holidays or by planning their own unique trip. There is an abundance of ancient monuments and sites to discover here as well including Angkor Wat. The beautiful temples at this breathtaking place are well worth a visit to Cambodia alone, although it would be asinine not to explore some of the stunning delicious and scenery food of this country whilst there too.

Rio de Janeiro

And the third recommendation is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The reason for this is considering this year it’ll be hosting the Olympic Games and much has been done to arrange the nation for the new surge of tourism that it is going to receive as a result. Although you might not have bought tickets to the Olympic Games, it’s still worth looking at as there are so many attractions and events in the country for people who are coming for the Olympics that it would be an embarrassment to miss out. Famous for its party lifestyle and beautiful beaches – not to remark its other stunning landscapes – there truly is something for everybody in Rio as well.   These are just 3 of the top location to go to this year, whether you are planning on booking all-inclusive holidays or a smaller boutique journey for you and your loved one. From Bulgaria to Rio de Janeiro, passing by Cambodia, there is something in each corner of the globe to take your fancy and also be a very affordable trip too. For those who are uncertain about which is the best location for them to visit, it is well worth interrogating your travel agent for a little recommendation as they will be able to effectively tell you whether or not you are best fitted to the beaches of Brazil or the breathtaking natural parks of Bulgaria.
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