10 Mistakes to Avoid in Paris

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Paris
Everyone dreams about spending a great time during their travel time, the traveller always thinks about the ambitious ideas and things before travelling somewhere and which begin with “I will do this” but never think about that should avoid. Hence after travelling makes some mistakes that are avoidable if one knows about them before. For this purpose here you will read about some tips to follow to get the most satisfactory result when you travel to Paris. So what are the 10 mistakes to avoid in Paris? The answer is right below.

1. Do not wait long to Go up Eiffel Tower

One of the most common and really bad mistakes a tourist makes in Paris is to wait in long lines for the sake of going up the Eiffel Tower. So do not waste your precious tourist time staring at the towering tower waiting for the “vulva”, especially if you have not booked the ticket in advance on the Internet. Get the best of your time when you are in Paris it is a place where you can enjoy many other things for example the Canale Saint Martin in the neighbourhood of the Eiffel Tower; there you can seriously live the real Parisian atmosphere and make your trip around the Eiffel Tower.

2. Avoid Two and Three Stars Hotels

Do not book a hotel in Paris simply because it is a “chance” and a cheap price. You may have to pay large sums for the cost of taking you to the famous sites in Paris, but first, check out the hotel’s location and its proximity to Paris. The Louvre or the Eiffel Tower is great but is only limited to the “Hai Hai” traveller in the sense of affluence, so a hotel in Paris Saint-Germain can be a good choice for all. This upscale neighbourhood offers a wide variety of hotels.

3. Transportation Mistakes

First of all, there are some places that you can reach easily and quickly on foot so do always ask local people about how much it takes to reach the place you are intending to go to. Then many people are disappointed in Paris with regard to transportation. The taxi or metro is almost the same bitterness. Taxis are not available everywhere, and the metro is exhausting. Hence your journey will turn into turns into a real torment, especially for children or the elderly. So try always to ask about the best transportations means to take before choosing one by luck.

4. Don’t Miss a Seine Boat Tour

Many tourists in Paris keep glorifying the Seine river without trying to try, its real beauty and ideal charm. Don’t do like many people do and miss a boat trip on the Seine. And enjoy one of the luxurious dishes in the yachts restaurants. You will have a lot of memories to tell your parents and friends about.

5. Walk Down the Champs-Elysées but Don’t Eat There

You simply can’t travel to Paris without walking down the famous Champs-Elysées, which is fine, but the disappointment comes when you think of having a fancy lunch at a fine restaurant on the street. You will be eating in not really famous and popular restaurants at a high price. So you simply go to the Parisian Latin Quarter with a long list of French and international restaurants where you can also keep managing your travel budget.

6. Buy only Price Plausible Souvenirs

We all think about and love perusing gifts for our friends and family members when we travel. However, there are some things that might be overpriced and which will absolutely ruin your travel budget and end up missing many places to see because of the poor budget. Remember you came to Paris on to trip not to buy expensive things.

7. Don’t Get Stuck in Front of the Mona Lisa

It is undoubtedly the most famous painting in the world, but this doesn’t mean wasting too much time staring at it when you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world too. The benefit of every minute in Paris is to see as many as possible things and places especially those which are not really famous, they got a special charm.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask for Help

Many go to Paris with the previous stereotypes about Paris and its people, being impolite and things like that. French people are in general friendly and always willing to help, just ask them for help.

9. Don’t Be Afraid of the Latin Quarter

Many might advise you to avoid going to the Latin Quarter, if you do that be sure that you missed a lot. This is actually and maybe the only place where you can smell the old fragrance of Paris as well as eat at a cheaper price delicious food.

10. Famous Attractions Restaurants

Never ever eat in the nearby of the famous tourist attractions in Paris; especially if your travel budget is limited. In Paris you can eat great dishes at very affordable prices only if you are smarter in choosing where to eat, for example, try the restaurants, pastries and cafés in the corners, they are cool.
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